Year 11 Mentors

What are mentors?

Each student in Year 7 has a mentor. This mentor is a student in Year 11 who has been trained to help the Year 7 students to settle into life at Fullbrook.

How are mentors selected?

All Year 11 students are invited to apply. They are then interviewed and approximately 70 mentors are selected. Once selected, the mentors receive training and then meet their Year 7s on the Induction Day in June.


What do mentors do?

Mentors take the new Year 7s from lesson to lesson for the first two weeks in September and help the Year 7s become familiar with the layout of Fullbrook. Mentors help the new students to be organised and resolve every day problems that they may face. Mentors also run activities twice a week during tutor time until October half term and are available on the Year 7 playground during lunch times.

We are very proud of our Mentors! 

"Mentors are nice and helpful and when you are lost, they help you"

"They wear ties so we know who to ask for help"

"They help you remember where to go for each lesson"

"The Year 11 mentors help us in the first two weeks"