UCAS Support

Preparing for university is incredibly important, particularly in the current competitive market. As a result, it is important that both students and parents fully understand the process. Fullbrook 6 is all too aware that the preparation is crucial, and as a result have produced a number of resources to help guide you through the process. These resources can be accessed on the Fullbrook 6 website.

Springpod Free university experiences (mini-lecture tasters)

Springpod are hosting a webinar for schools and colleges to explore their free university degree taster programmes, Subject Spotlights.

If you haven’t come across them before, these are mini-lecture series with a range of universities to provide students with meaningful university experience to strengthen their applications and inform their decisions regarding university.

Join one of their webinars which will focus on their free university experience for schools and colleges. Click on the date you wish to attend to book your place:

Wednesday 22nd March 2pm – 3pm https://app1.campus-site.com/public/e/click/5V1xSPIX3qUdkBgR9Re3bQ/YEpX0CY7cq5-sCR527o3PQ

Friday 24th March 10am – 11am https://app1.campus-site.com/public/e/click/bWdVy_A8YgR__xuS3ozK8A/YEpX0CY7cq5-sCR527o3PQ