Fullbrook Parent Voice
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At Fullbrook we collaborate with parents in a caring partnership to ensure students success. Regular reporting keeps parents informed of progress and achievement. We want our parents to be involved and recognise that students achieve more when their parents are engaged. Fullbrook listens to their parents’ views and through the Fullbrook Parent Voice, parents are able to influence the strategic development of their child’s school.
Parent Voice
The Fullbrook Parent Voice is an innovative support group committed to broadening parent communication and involvement within Fullbrook and to promoting the school’s values. In collaboration with the Fullbrook Parent Voice, Fullbrook has been able to offer a series of information evenings to parents and transition events to support families through the transition process. The Parent Voice have also helped the school with several environmental projects.   

To contact the FPV, please Email:  parentvoice@fullbrook.surrey.sch.uk

Fullbrook's Student Voice

The aims of the Fullbrook’s Student Voice are to: Promote two-way communication between staff and students,
Listen to students’ views and ideas and whenever possible to take these into account when school matters are decided. 

Staff will have a realistic and accurate understanding of the views and ideas of students. Students will have a clearer understanding of the philosophy behind the decisions made concerning school matters and about future proposals.   

The Fullbrook Student Voice is heard through meetings and discussion with middle leaders (e.g. Heads of Learning, Heads of House and Heads of Faculty) who pass feedback on to the Senior Leadership Team via their line manager. The Student Voice comprises:

  • Fullbrook 6 Student Leadership Team (democratically-elected by the sixth form and staff)
  • Year Council and House Councils (democratically-elected Tutor Group Representatives meet regularly with Heads of Learning)
  • House Captains (democratically-elected, these meet regularly with Heads of House)
  • Sports Captains;
  • Teaching and learning feedback from students interviewed through Quality Assurance procedures involving senior and middle school leaders,
  • Eco Council,
  • Assembly steering group,
  • Equality steering group,
  • Anti-bullying mentors.
  • Year 10 and 11 Mentors (meet regularly with Heads of Learning) ;

Fullbrook's Student Council meets termly. This group is led by the democratically-elected Head Boy and Head Girl in Fullbrook 6. They set the agenda in consultation with the Senior Leadership Team and Heads of Learning following Year Council and House Council meetings. Minutes from these meetings are shared back to the Senior Leadership Team, Heads of Learning, Year Councils and House Councils and then to Tutor Groups via their Tutor Group Representatives. The council consists of:

  • Fullbrook 6 Head Boy and Head Girl,
  • Two appointed representatives from each Year Council and House Council,
  • A House Captain (these attend in rotation),
  • A member of staff from the Senior Leadership Team.

The Fullbrook Student Council may:

  • Discuss whole school matters,
  • Make proposals to be put forward for consideration by the Principal or other appropriate person,
  • Express opinions that it may wish to have conveyed to senior staff,
  • Not rule upon matters.