The Fullbrook School Curriculum

Whole School Curriculum Statement

Every student at Fullbrook School will have an active passion for lifelong learning and enrichment along with a growth mindset which, coupled with core strengths, enables them to be resourceful, resilient and respectful citizens of the 21st century. The Fullbrook curriculum is inclusive and inspiring: it is designed to be a progressive seven year model supports students to be ready at each stage for the next step in learning. This ensures that they have the ambition to prepare at school for success in their chosen careers.


All students study a broad balanced curriculum:

  1. At KS3 this includes all national curriculum subjects
  2. At KS4 a wide range of curriculum opportunities are open for students to select an
    academic curriculum that meets their aspirations for KS5 and beyond
  3. At KS5 the students follow an ambitious academic curriculum.


The curriculum is built on the premise of leaving no one It is designed to progress student knowledge in every subject through a 7 year programme of study.

All students are supported to be successful at all levels and help each other to be better than they ever thought they could be.

The curriculum is supported by a wide enrichment programme. Students learn transferable skills through all of their subjects, with a particular  focus on Remembering, Creativity and Self Discipline for lifelong learning and success.

The Fullbrook Four Pillars of Learning