Here is a collection for activities and tips for you to do when not in school!



English, Media, Reading and Literacy

  • Read for Good has a range of excellent ideas of how – and what – students can read at home
  • World Book Day have hundreds of resources for students.
  • The Ministry of Writing has a wide range of creative writing competitions (including writing for radio)
  • If you love stories and writing, listen to the podcast How Story Works
  • In the New Yorker fiction podcast, a famous writer reads a short story from someone else, which they then discuss (more Key Stage 4 level)
  • Here are a range of literacy resources students can use whilst at home
  • If you can’t get hold of a hard copy of a book, you can get many ebooks for free at
  • For young film fans, there is a magazine written mainly by young people for young people. Why not pick up the latest issue, then have a go at submitting a 300 word feature for issue 4?


Additional Learning for Maths – click here

  • In the sessions, we will be teaching key content that will be useful for students of all abilities. The webinar will attempt to recreate the classroom experience with testing starter questions to get the students thinking, teacher led learning, followed by questions for the students to try out (using a range of brilliant resources sourced from the colleagues around the country) ending with answers and some worked examples too!