The Fullbrook Parent Voice

Mission Statement


The Fullbrook Parent Voice is an innovative support group committed to broadening parent communication and involvement within Fullbrook, and to promoting the school’s values. It was launched in March 2008 and its organisation and functions are continuing to be evolved by a Steering Committee.

Every parent belongs to the FPV. It’s important that a wide cross-section of parents’ views is heard, and that all parents are given the opportunity to provide valuable input and help. Here are some of the ways parents can get involved.

FPV - Information Sharing Events

These are all about two way communications between parents and the school covering a topic which is chosen in advance by both groups. Every term there is an event that is of general interest to the broader parent community examples were ‘Understanding Teenagers’, the ‘Pastoral Care System and the Careers Programme’. Additionally there can be other events for individual year groups or specific groups of parents, examples were ‘Supporting students with Dyslexia’ and ‘Supporting students in the GCSE years’.

The session usually involves a presentation by the school staff or guest speakers followed by parental discussions and feedback in small groups. Information from the event is then published to parents afterwards. Parents’ views and suggestions are sought before, during and after the event, and these are communicated to the School Leadership Team and the FPV Steering Committee. They really do shape how parents and school work together.

FPV - Surveys

These are another method used to canvas parents’ views. They are used when planning the FPV Information Sharing events but also on an ad-hoc basis, examples were for the changes made to the tutor group system and homework.

FPV - Projects and Work Groups

The FPV co-ordinates parent volunteers for a very wide range of school led initiatives, here are some examples:

  • Improving and maintaining the school environment by gardening or painting.
  • Taking on roles at student voting days and at student mock interviews.
  • Specialist involvement such as developing the Parent Portal web site.

FPV - Getting Involved

The FPV keeps parents informed of events and initiatives using the FPV Email List and the ‘FPV Zone’ on the Parent Portal (a web site for Fullbrook parents).

Parents can Email the FPV directly at, but please be aware that they cannot deal with issues relating to individual children or members of staff.

We look forward to your involvement with the FPV and Fullbrook School