10 Top Tips!

1. Children need a quiet place to do their homework.

2. Keep pens, pencils, calculators, dictionaries and rulers handy!

3. Dip into a dictionary to check meanings and spellings.

4. Help them, but don’t do it for them! If you ask your child for explanations it will encourage them to think it through more clearly.

5. Regularly look through your child’s books and discuss their progress for each subject.

6. Use everyday activities like going to the shops to help them put their learning into practice.

7. Go out and about to visit a variety of places and enjoy learning together.

8. Watch out for tv programmes and dvds that have something to do with their studies.

9. Breakfast gives your child energy to learn.

10. Buy them educational games and books to read. These are activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family.