Special Consideration

A candidate's examination performance can sometimes be affected by circumstances out of their control. Special consideration is a post-examination adjustment that compensates candidates who were suffering from a temporary illness or condition or who were otherwise disadvantaged at the time of the examination.


Special consideration can be applied when:


·         A student is fully prepared for the exam but is disadvantaged due to illness or unavoidable circumstances beyond their control at the time of the exam or when they complete their coursework/controlled assessment. A small percentage is added to the raw mark. The percentage is determined by using the guidelines agreed by all the awarding bodies.

·         A student is absent from an examination for a valid reason. A mark is calculated for the missing unit provided the student has completed enough of the specification to meet the minimum requirements specified by JCQ. The calculation of the missing mark takes into account the student's performance in the other comparable units of the exam and the national average for those units. 


All requests for Special Consideration must be accompanied by medical evidence or completion of the JCQ Self Certification form within 7 days of the affected exam.