This checklist has been put together by the Fullbrook parent voice using advice from existing parents as well as advice given on national websites.


Journey To and From School

Investigate bus times!

If using a bicycle, find out the school policy. At Fullbrook we will only issue a cycle permit on proof that your child has a helmet and that their bike is roadworthy. It is also desirable that you child has passed a Cycling Proficiency Course.

A bicycle lock is also advisable and if it is raining, a plastic bag to cover the seat during the day! If you child repeatedly fails to wear their helmet, the cycling permit will be revoked. Appropriate lights will be needed during winter months. Rehearse the route (ideally at the same time of day).

Is your child aware of road safety as local roads can be very busy at this time of day?

Travel safety – does your child know to travel in groups and never alone, especially in more vulnerable areas and during winter months? Plan alternative arrangements for after school or if a bus is missed.

Get your child to practice taking the house key out with them.


Mobile Phones

Use an inexpensive phone for school.

Practise using it first – especially turning it on and off so that your child does not have it switched on in lessons. Phones are NOT allowed to be used during the school day except at breaktime or lunchtime. They should be encouraged not to use their phones as an alternative to a watch for telling the time.
Program your contact details into the phone.
Program in phone numbers of any other adults that your child is able to contact if they need to.
Talk about where and how your child can keep their valuables, like phones, safe.



Homework – when and where will this take place? What extra resources might you need to acquire for September?

Meal times – will these need to change now that your child is starting school uk/images/page/preparing/7earlier in the morning and could be home later if they take part in after school activities?

Packed lunches or school meals – where possible, negotiate this with your child as it may impact upon whether your child is able to socialise with friends at these times. This can change on a daily basis acccording to your child’s need.

Talk about the clubs and activities on offer. These are published on the school website. Be aware that it is sometimes necessary to cancel a club at short notice due to staff absence. Ask your child to let you know.

Plan when your child will be able to get their bag ready for the next day at school.
Refer to your child’s timetable. This is in their record book.

How will your child going to secondary school affect the routines of other family members?

Will you have to renegotiate shower times etc?

Have you allowed enough time in the first few weeks to spend extra time talking to your child about their new school and helping them to adjust?



During the holidays try to plan opportunities where your child can socialise with other children who are in the same tutor group, or who your child is likely to be friends with in September. Also make opportunities for your child to see existing good friends.

Talk to your child about why they like certain people and what it means to be a good friend. Talk about suitable ways of dealing with minor upsets between friends. Discuss the perils of posting too much ‘comment’ on Facebook!

Talk about what is ‘friends falling out’ and what is actually bullying.
Build up your child’s friendship skills and their self esteem.
Reassure them that they will not lose touch with existing friends, even if they are in a different school or tutor group.



If you have brought the uniform early does it still fit?

Be prepared for your child to change their mind about their uniform preferences within the first few weeks, for example, girls may prefer to wear trousers as opposed to a skirt.

Be prepared for your child wanting to ‘adapt’ the school uniform rules on jewellery, make-up, tights, shirts etc. Email if you have any Fullbrook uniform questions that you would like clarification on.

Ensure your child does not talk you into an ‘extreme’ hairstyle. Colours, shavings or haircuts below a grade 3 are NOT allowed.

Ensure that your child has a school bag that is big enough to hold all of their books and equipment. Order a locker for your child once you have attended the June Transition Evening. Lockers are available to book online.


Talk To Each Other

Try to balance any of your child’s worries or fears with excitment and hope. Start talking about secondary school now. Don’t bottle up feelings.

Bear in mind that this change for your child will have a knock on effect for the whole family.
Help your child to understand that it is natural to be apprehensive when you start anywhere new.

Use the Fullbrook website to initiate key conversations with your child. Look at it with them.

Encourage your child to talk to other people about going to secondary school for example, friends, grandparents, teachers etc.

Don’t always feel that you need to a push a point out of principle in the first few days (eg travel arrangements, lunch arrangements). Try to be flexible.

Using A Computer At Home

Access to a computer at home will assist in your child’s learning and homework. Most of the homework is set online via the school’s VLE (virtual learning environment).

If you do not have one at home, then students are able to easily access PC’s during their break times and in the LRC after school.

Ensure that your home PC is set up so that your child has safe access to the internet.
Microsoft Word and Power Point will be used across the curriculum. Is your child comfortable in using these? If not contact the school to see if there are any planned sessions that you and your child can attend.

Buy a memory stick for your child so that they are easily able to take work into school.


Transition Activities

Take part in the activities that are arranged by your child’s primary school and Fullbrook. The Fullbrook events will be posted onto the website in advance.

It is often a good idea to buy a folder to store all of the information you will receive from Fullbrook over the months between March and September.