Options at KS4 & KS5

Choosing Options for Key Stage 4

Year 8 students have some important decisions to make about their curriculum choice for Years 9, 10 and 11. To support them in making these decisions we offer the following: 
A presentation for students and parents to discuss the process of choosing subjects

An assembly at which advice is given on making option choices.
The opportunity to meet with subject teachers to discuss the courses on offer, what they involve and how well they think students can do.

Booklets containing all of the information for the choices that need to be made. The booklets have been designed to help students to decide, with parental and teacher support, which subjects to take and is published as a .pdf document below.
Tutor support and tutor time activities to help students make the correct choices.

Careers education taught through the Citizenship programme to help students get to know themselves better, identify their strengths and weaknesses and identify what is best for them in the future.

Access to Careers etc and to Start, the online careers information, advice and guidance websites.

Presentations by current Year 10 students to Year 8 students and the chance to openly discuss what is involved in each subject.

Options booklets for present Year 8 students are available below:

Options at KS5

Students in Year 11 have a range of learning pathways to choose from:
1) Furthering your education at Fullbrook 6th Form
2) Furthering your studies with other local providers
3) Apprenticeship training programmes
4) Full time work
To help you make the right decision to support you in your future we provide the following:

An assembly about learning pathways and routes open to you
Woking Federation Choices Evening at the HG Wells Centre offering the opportunity to dicuss options with all local Woking FE providers

Tutorial programme to help you in your decision making
Access to Pathfinder software to help you plan your future
Work experience placements for all those who want one
Careers education through the citizenship programme to give you a clearer idea about the labour market locally, nationally and internationally and the opportunity to discuss routes open to you.
'Careers talks on Wednesdays'

Access to Careers etc and to Start, the online careers information, advice and guidance websites. There are other online information sources from the Information page

There are lots of options open to you and it is important you choose what is right for you. Here at Fullbrook we also offer post-16 provision - Fullbrook 6, where you can benefit from the advantages of working in a smaller post 16 environment, already having good working relationships with teachers and being able to make a strong early start to your studies.

If you are interested in Fullbrook 6 you will find the prospectus, application form and course information in the folders below.

Fullbrook 6 Prospectus 2017.