With graphic images being shown on the front pages of newspapers and on daily news bulletins, even very young children are exposed to upsetting information. 

Terrorism and trauma helping children cope

Instagram is now bigger than Twitter. What's the big attraction? And is there anything you need to know?

Online safety for children

Some tips on responsible – and safe – use of Instagram.

Online safety for children

All you need to know about the global initiative that encourages safe internet use.

Safer Internet Day 2017

Parent Info has partnered with the Dove Self-Esteem Project to you build your child's body confidence and self-esteem.

Body confidence and self-esteem for teens

A guide to some of the most popular ones children use online.

6 Apps every parent should know about

Everything you need to know about the popular smartphone game, including parental concerns and safety tips.

Pokemon Go

How to spot the signs that your child could be vulnerable and what to do to protect them.

far right extremism

Starting at a new school is one of the most daunting experiences we all face at a young age. Here are our top five tips to help your child tackle their first week with ease and confidence.

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