Fullbrook ICT Facilities
ICT Suites

ICT Image 1 Fullbrook has eight ICT suites equipped for whole classes so each student can work at their own computer. There are also trolleys of laptops in Science, Technology, Humanities, SEN and Media studies to meet the specialist needs of teaching and learning in these subject areas.

Two of our ICT suites are subject specialist suites, used to support student learning to help raise achievement in Maths and Technology. There is also a site of computers in the Learning Resources Centre available to students to support their private study. (Click here to read more about the LRC)

Interactive Whiteboards

ICT Image 2 Many classrooms in Fullbrook are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards and most have at least a projector.

This makes for exciting and dynamic whole class teaching as a range of online resources and videos are integrated into teaching and learning.

ICT for Learning

ICT Image 3 At Fullbrook we believe in the use of ICT as a tool to support learning. We have recently invested in voting devices which can be used in classrooms across the curriculum. These enable all students to participate in a lesson in a fun way while also having their answers instantly analysed so the teacher can quickly identify areas a class need to study in more detail. We also make use of a range of other digital resources across the curriculum including cameras and visualisers.

ICT enhancing subject teaching

ICT Image 4 The use of ICT in Fullbrook stretches far beyond the teaching of ICT as a subject. It is used in music where a suite of Macs with music software are used for composition and creating music. In art, laptops and a cluster of machines are used with Adobe Creative Suite to generate and edit digital images and photographs. In physical education, Dartfish software is used to analyse sporting performances. In learning support, software for improving literacy and numeracy among other skills is widely used. Technology have computer aided design and computer aided manufacture and students studying child development look after a virtual baby(!) These are only some of the uses of ICT across the school where ICT is making a real impact on student achievement.