“It’s us that worry more as parents – the kids will be fine!”

“For my son, I know that having a mentor was very helpful and reassuring.”

“You have to let them grow up and get on with it. They settle in and make friends sooo quickly. It’s amazing!”

“I think it’s a major transition, not only for the child but for the whole family. He is my oldest child, and I found it very hard to believe he would be ‘grown up’ enough to cope with secondary school. I was happy that he was starting Fullbrook, but I think I was as worried, if not more worried than he was.”

“It is a great stepping stone and part of lifes journey – one more step along the road I go!!! And that’s for the kids and the parents!”

“My son met the tutors and was shown around in a small group. The teachers were so kind and he was totally put at ease…and so was I!!! I can’t thank you enough for my son’s start. I have spent the 6 weeks summer holidays with a happy child.”

“There is a huge emphasis on children socialising when they first go into Year 7 which I must say was very good for the children.”

“Don’t worry about your child coping as they soon make lots of new friends.”

“Overall the transition was excellent. It went far better than I could ever have hoped for. My son knew his way around Fullbrook after one week.”

“Don’t worry, they will be fine.Let them do it themselves and try not to get too involved :-)”