How do we talk to the form tutor?

Ring (01932 349301) or email the main school (, the message will be passed on if they are not immediately available or a note sent out asking them to ring you.


What if the query is about a specific subject?

Contact the main school or email (see above answer) and ask to speak to Head of Faculty.


Are there Teaching Assistants?

Yes, but not in every lesson.


What are the School start and end times?

School starts at 8.40 and ends at 3.15pm.


How often do they get Homework?

The Homework policy is posted on the main Fullbrook website. There is also information about the project homework in your child’s record book.


Who do I first go to if my child has a problem?

Tutor first unless more urgent, then the Head of Learning. Email@ or concerns@ or indeed homework@ and the email will be forwarded to the relevant staff.


What happens to the child who is the “trouble maker” and tries to distract the others?

See the behaviour policy on the school website.


How is the school day structured?

See the ‘Typical day at Fullbrook’ section of the Student to Student section of this website.


How do the split year groups work for lunch?

Years 7, 8 and 11 eat an earlier lunch at 12.20 to 1.00 and years 9, 10, 12 and 13 have their lunch from 1.20 to 2.00.


How do you find lost property?

Go to the front office and ask. Please name everything at the outset!


Can you monitor what they are choosing to eat?

You can see what your child has purchased from the school restaurant via Parent Pay on the VLE.


What are the food choices?

A menu will be posted on the parent portal of the VLE. You also will receive sample menus on the evening for Parents in June. Fullbrook is a healthy school and all pupils are encouraged to make healthy choices.


Do parents have access to the catering account to see when money is running low?

This is available if you pay via ParentPay online.


Can they leave the premises at lunch?



If a child misses the yellow bus at home time, what are their best options Are they able to call home?

There are late buses which leave around 5pm. They can go to the front office to call home. There is also a payphone in the student section of reception.


What happens about detentions When are they How do they get home from these?

The IRIS system to which all parents will receive logons, details all detentions, warnings and positive comments your child receives. They are mostly after school. There is a later bus if pupils miss the first bus after school.


What is the mobile phone policy?

They can be brought to school but must be switched off and in school bags during lessons and in the school building. Phones will be confiscated if this rule is not adhered to as per the Behaviour Policy.


Examples of different sports played competitively?

There are teams for netball, hockey, football, rugby, basketball and athletics.


Do they get a free lunch on the first day?

Yes, they do. More information will follow on the Parents meeting in June.


Is there supervision at break times?

Yes there are staff members on duty at strategic points and mentors are available in the year 7 playground.


Are there prefects?

No, we have a mentoring system in place for the year 7 students which has worked very well for several years.


Nearly new uniform – is this available?

In the past some nearly new has been available, particularly some smaller size blazers and some PE kit. Please contact Mrs Manneville in the front office for more details.


Uniform and PE kit. What is needed and how much is it?

All the up to date uniform lists are on the Fullbrook website along with the uniform shop opening times and price lists. Uniform can be ordered online via our provider Ansom Moore.


When are they set for subjects?

Information on this is contained in our Curriculum policy which will be available on the website and through the parent portal.


When do they find out which language they have been put down to study?

Students joining the school in Year 7 will have the opportunity to study French, Spanish and German as taster lessons before being able to choose which language they would like to continue to study.


How do any children who have come from a different feeder school get integrated?

On the Induction days they meet their new tutor group members and their new tutor. They spend plenty of time getting to know one another. If at all possible, we attempt to put more than one lone student from a feeder school in the same tutor group so they can meet someone in a similar situation.


Who do we talk to if there is friendship conflict?

The tutor would be the first port of call as they know their tutor.


What happens if they get lost or can’t find their mentor?

For the first two weeks the mentors escort them from one lesson to another and there is always a member of staff willing to point them in the right direction. The front office is also an excellent source of help and support.


Will my child become separated from their friends?

Every effort is made to ensure balance in the tutor groups and we do our very best to make sure that students are with at least one of their nominated friends wherever possible.


Who is in my child’s class?

Your child will meet their new tutor group on the July Induction Days.


What is the Anti-bullying policy?

A copy of this policy was sent out to you with the offer of a place at Fullbrook and it is available to read on the school website and the parent portal.


How many students are there in the new intake?

On average 240 students.


How many tutor groups are there in Year 7?

There will be 8 tutor groups in the new Year 7.


Is there a problem with drink or drugs at the school?

No, this has not been a problem at Fullbrook.


Will there be any additional tests or assessments after they start in September?

Yes there are some online tests early in the Autumn term.


Do they have a girl’s football team?



Is it possible to ‘pair off’ the children who are coming from minor feeder schools in June to give each other support?

On the Induction Day the students have plenty of time to integrate with their new tutor groups. The tutors will have some background information on all their students and so will be aware of any extra support needed. Mentors will be made aware if your child might need extra support.


What is the cost of school transport?

The daily return fare of £2.50 must be paid to the School in advance, at the start of every half term. Money is paid in to Mrs S Warne in the school finance office. Applications for the school bus are available to download from the bus route section of this website. Early application is recommended.


Is there a bus from Byfleet?

The buses travel through Chertsey and Addlestone. Please see website for bus routes.


Where do the buses stop?

Copies of the four bus routes are posted on this website. You will receive information about the buses at the Parents Meeting in June.


What access to facilities is there? ie. ICTSports

The LRC is available most break and lunchtimes for computer use and there are a number of after school clubs which make full use of the ICT and sports facilities available at the school. Club timetables are published termly and posted on the website.


Examples of after school clubs

See the website in the Teaching & Learning, Enrichment area for up to date lists.


Instrument tuition – how do we find out about it?

The Music Faculty coordinate all peripatetic music lessons. The Music Faculty also operates a Music Scholarship scheme. For more detail, please browse the Parent handbook section of the main Fullbrook website or contact the school.


Lockers – are there enough and is the security good enough?

Your child will have the option to rent a locker either for their entire school career or on an annual basis. Lockers are supervised by an outside company and can be booked online.


CCTV cameras – where are they and who monitors them?

There are a number of cameras at strategic points around the school grounds.


What security is in place inside and outside the school?

Safeguarding is taken seriously at Fullbrook. All the relevant procedures are in place to minimise any risks.


How often do they have school trips?

The existing school trips can be seen on the school calendar on the website.


Can we know early what books and equipment they need so we can plan and budget?

Other than the uniform and a well equipped pencil case, your child does not need to buy books. A dictionary for English, French, Spanish and German is helpful however.


How does the cashless system work?

All pupils have their fingerprint scanned in the first few days. Money can be added to their accounts online (Parentpay) or via sending a cheque or cash into school with your child.


When do we receive pupil and parent logons and email addresses?

Within the first few weeks of term, students will be issued with logons to the VLE and Insight and given some instruction in class on how to access the VLE. Parents will be sent theirs too in the first few weeks. Training on the portal and VLE will be offered.


How do you support children with medical needs?

See the separate section on the website for details and our policy.


How will the new tutor group system work?

There will be 8 tutor groups in each year, 2 per house. Each tutor group will have approximately 30 students, ensuring individual student support and early intervention strategies where required.