Technology facilities are mainly housed in a purpose built technology suite of rooms comprising of food technology rooms, resistant materials workshops, a graphics suite and textiles workshops. The facilities include a computer suite in the graphics area, CADCAM machines, fully equipped workshops and food technology rooms and facilities for electronics.


Resistant Materials Workshops

Fullbrook students enjoy the use of the resistant materials workshops which are fully equipped. Vacuum forming and CADCAM machines are just some of the facilities available to students to learn about and use to create a range of products during technology lessons and in technology clubs.


Food Technology Rooms

Food technology enjoys the use of two well fitted rooms where students learn to cook balanced and nutritional meals including the exploration of foods of the world. As well as providing the expected equipment for embracing an exciting food technology course, the food technology rooms also include interactive whiteboards to support students’ learning.


Textiles Workshops

Textiles is a vibrant subject studied by all students in key stage 3 and which many students choose to follow at key stages 4 and 5. There are two well appointed textiles rooms providing everything students need to enable the creation of imaginative fabric based products ranging from ski hats to beach bags. The textiles show held annually clearly shows the talent developed in this area at Fullbrook


The restaurant at Fullbrook was completed in 2006 providing a pleasant eating environment for students and staff. Catering in the restaurant is supplied by Caterlink who provide hot and cold snacks at break and a lunchtime service including salad bar, baked potato bar, pasta bar, a full hot meal with vegetarian options as well as sandwiches and boxed salads. As a healthy school, Fullbrook works closely with Caterlink to ensure the food provided is healthy.


Caterlink aim to discourage the use of convenience foods and reduce fast food to a minimum. They believe in local sourcing and reducing food miles as well as meeting the nutritional needs of students by providing a wide menu choice.


Working in partnership with Caterlink, Fullbrook provide a biometric cashless catering system. This allows students to ‘top up’ their accounts using cash and the topup machines or through parents sending cheques. This removes the need for students to carry cash to school

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Expressive Arts

Recording Studio

Launched in September 2009, the recording studio provides mixing facilities for students to record, edit and publish their own digital musical products. The technology enables students to unleash their creativity and capture their ideas; to improve on their pieces and to polish their work to the standard of professionals. Incorporating 21st century technologies with the sound backgroud in music provided through the curriculum delivered earlier in the school, Fullbrook students are creating the music of the future.



Fullbrook is proud to be able to provide a small theatre with retractable seating where smaller productions are performed during the year by students studying drama in Key Stages 4 and 5. The theatre provides a lighting board, projection facilities and sound systems, all used by students to create high quality theatical productions. Concerts are also held in this facility throughout the year and students in Key stage 3 make use of the theatre in their drama lessons.


Dance Studio

The Dance studio, used mainly by students in Key Stages 4 and 5, but available to students during their studies in all key stages,provides students with a sprung floor which enables dancers to have the necessary traction and spring, helping them to dance safely, with confidence and to the best of their ability. A bar and mirrors assist in the practice and perfection of dance moves, supporting students to achieve their very best.


Fullbrook has eight ICT suites equipped for whole classes so each student can work at their own computer. There are also trolleys of laptops in Science, Technology, Humanities, SEN and Media studies to meet the specialist needs of teaching and learning in these subject areas.

Two of our ICT suites are subject specialist suites, used to support student learning to help raise achievement in Maths and Technology. There is also a site of computers in the Learning Resources Centre available to students to support their private study.

Interactive Whiteboards

Many classrooms in Fullbrook are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards and most have at least a projector.

This makes for exciting and dynamic whole class teaching as a range of online resources and videos are integrated into teaching and learning.

ICT for Learning

At Fullbrook we believe in the use of ICT as a tool to support learning. We have recently invested in voting devices which can be used in classrooms across the curriculum. These enable all students to participate in a lesson in a fun way while also having their answers instantly analysed so the teacher can quickly identify areas a class need to study in more detail. We also make use of a range of other digital resources across the curriculum including cameras and visualisers.

ICT enhancing subject teaching

The use of ICT in Fullbrook stretches far beyond the teaching of ICT as a subject. It is used in music where a suite of Macs with music software are used for composition and creating music. In art, laptops and a cluster of machines are used with Adobe Creative Suite to generate and edit digital images and photographs. In physical education, Dartfish software is used to analyse sporting performances. In learning support, software for improving literacy and numeracy among other skills is widely used. Technology have computer aided design and computer aided manufacture and students studying child development look after a virtual baby(!) These are only some of the uses of ICT across the school where ICT is making a real impact on student achievement.


To help you, help yourselves.

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The aim of Fullbrook LRC is to provide all students and staff, access to a world of information, and to promote lifelong reading for study and pleasure.


  • Over 27,000 items that include
  • Books – fiction and non-fiction
  • DVD resources
  • Newspapers
  • Periodicals
  • Talking books on CD & tape
  • Internet access on 15 computers and subscriptions to online services
  • Photocopier

Throughout the academic year, various competitions & displays take place and students are invited to participate in the national Carnegie Shadowing scheme.

The LRC supports, and helps organize the Fullbrook Literacy Week, including a writing workshop with Author & Historian Stewart Ross.

Year 7 students receive induction lessons to the LRC which includes playing the “Reading Game” & choosing a book to keep from the National “Booked Up” Scheme.

Membership & Opening Hours

Students and staff are automatically members of the LRC. Borrowing and studying facilities are available during our opening hours which are

Monday – Friday, 8.30am until 4.30pm

During School Hours

Students must have their record book signed by their teacher, if they need to use the LRC during a lesson. The LRC is open every break and lunchtime for all students, except if there is a class using the facilities.

After School & Homework

The LRC is open to all students after school. Staff are available to help with inquiries and there is access to all LRC resources.