The deadline for Appeals for Summer 2020 has now passed. 

Update: 21 August 2020 (2:20pm) – Appeals Update

Notice for those who have submitted requests for appeals – final set of new (A-Level) exam results has now been received and all appeals will start to be processed from Monday 24 August 2020.

The Ofqual announcement to issue students the higher of the CAG or the calculated grade means that a route to appeal on the grounds of mock exam results is no longer available.

Ofqual have stated that permitted grounds for appeal are now limited to an administrative error with the Centre Assessment Grade (CAG) where;

  • The centre made an error when submitting a centre assessment grade or rank order information.
  • An awarding body made an error when assigning or communicating a grade.

Update: 20 August 2020 (1:15pm) – Summer 2020 Results: Ofqual Announcement

Ofqual have announced today (20 August 2020) that a ‘valid mock result’ will not be grounds for appeal and that mocks will no longer be part of the appeals processes this summer.  Full details of the changes announced by Ofqual can be read in their document ‘Changes to awarding of GCSE, AS and A level, Extended Project Qualification and Advanced Extension Award in maths – summer 2020’ by clicking here .  As a result of this announcement, we will be making changes to the documentation and associated forms on this page this afternoon and thank you for your patience whilst we make these updates.

Update: 18 August 2020 (08:10am) – Summer 2020 Results: Government Announcement

Yesterday Gavin Williamson made an announcement about the use of Centre Assessment Grades this summer.  Ofqual have released a statement in response to this announcement.

Statement from Roger Taylor, Chair, Ofqual (17 August 2020) ‘We have therefore decided that students be awarded their centre assessment for this summer – that is, the grade their school or college estimated was the grade they would most likely have achieved in their exam – or the moderated grade, whichever is higher.’ The full statement from Ofqual can be read by clicking here.

We will provide further updates as more announcements are made by Ofqual, the JCQ and the awarding bodies.



The arrangements for results days are significantly different this year in order to protect the safety of our staff and students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Full details for each results day can be found in the letters below.

Ofqual have produced a student guide to post-16 qualification results for summer 2020, which can be viewed by clicking here


Results Day

Qualification type


GCE (AS, A Levels) and other Level 3 qualifications


GCSE and other Level 1/2 qualifications

The document below provides details of the awarding process for summer 2020, arrangements for results and information about what options are available where students have any concerns or queries about their grades. This information was correct at the time of publishing on 22 July 2020 and the latest update below however, updates may be required as Ofqual, the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) or the awarding bodies release further information.

DOCUMENT LAST UPDATED: 21 August 2020 (07:00am)

For any queries or concerns relating to this document, please contact Mrs Seddon in Fullbrook Exams Office by email (



GCSE – How Centre Assessment Grades were reached

A-Level – How Centre Assessment Grades were reached