Fullbrook is so big. How will my child find their way around and get to where they need to be on time? Is there enough space for all of the students?

Yes, Fullbrook is a big school but students soon learn to find their way around. During the first two weeks Year 11 mentors take Year 7s from lesson to lesson. Students are also given a map. Mentors wear different ties so that they are easily recognisable to Year 7s.

Fullbrook operates a split timetable which means that not all students go to break and lunch at the same time. This makes break times and communal areas more pleasant and less crowded.


With so many children how will the teachers at Fullbrook get to know my child?

At Fullbrook we really take the time to get your know your child while they are still in Year 6. Meetings occur with all of the primary teachers and headteachers throughout the year and we work in partnership with our primary schools regarding student achievement and attainment. We get to know your child’s social circles and Year 6 teachers provide us with their Teacher Assessment scores as well as the SATS results. This information is used together with Fullbrook’s own assessmnets in order to group your child for English, Maths and Science. Fullbrook staff also meet with the students before the induction days and allow them to ask any questions that they may have. Ex students from the Primary schools who are now at Fullbrook also go in to give the year 6 pupils an excellent insight into how they know feel about being at Fullbrook.


Is my child going to be with any of their friends and will they make new friends?

A lot of effort goes into making sure that students know and like at least one person in their tutor group and ideally more. While at primary school students are given the opportunity to choose 3 friends that they would like to be with. Students meet in their new tutor groups on the Induction Days. It is vital that your child attends. As parents you can support your child by helping them to think about who they would like to nominate as their friends and why.

Making new friends takes time for many students and friends can change a lot in their first year. For the first six weeks students are kept in their tutor groups for all lessons and when they are grouped for English, Maths and Science, this then allows students to meet even more new people. There are a range of clubs and activities (see website) and you should encourage your child to take part in at least one. Tutor time activities and Citizenship lessons encourage team building and relationship work throughout the year.

You should let the school know if you feel that your child is unhappy. At Fullbrook, we would much rather know sooner rather than later if this is the case. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to email the school using either:




Or if your query is about homework, then please email:


Make opportunities for your child to meet both new and old friends outside of school.


What if my child is bullied. The older children are so much bigger?

Bullying is treated seriously and is dealt with promptly at Fullbrook. Parents and students sign up to the Fullbrook Anti Bullying Policy and lots of work regularly goes into talking to students about bullying as part of Citizenship. We educate students about the difference between being unkind and bullying. Incidents of bullying are rare but are investigated thoroughly and will involve communication with parents.


I am worried about my child’s personal safety. How do I know that they will be safe travelling to and from school? Inside the school? Will my child be able to access the internet easily and if so, how do I know that they are safe if I can’t monitor it?

Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to Fullbrook. Initially new students can feel intimidated by the much larger/ louder students but they quickly adapt! The Year 11 mentors act as a bridge between the older and the younger students and allow the Year 7s to build positive relationships and confidence around communicating with the older students.

Try practicing the journey to and from school with your child before September. This will build their confidence and yours. Time it to see how long it takes and try it at the correct times of day.

Fullbrook holds a yearly talk about Internet safety and it is open for any parent to attend. Fullbrook have very strict filtering and monitoring systems in place.

Talk to your child to find out what they know already about keeping themselves safe in different situations. Ask them ‘What would you do if…?’ If you are still concerned then you can contact Family Information Services to find out more.


I am worried that my child may be told off. What if they get a detention? How are children dealt with if they misbehave in lessons?

Staff understand that a new environment and new rules are hard for new students initially. They will be more lenient in certain situations, but they will also want to ‘start as we mean to go on’ – it is a difficult balancing act for staff but one that they are used to performing. We have a merits and sanctions system that you can monitor daily via the internet at home. This allows both you and us to identify how well your child is doing.

We do not tolerate unacceptable behavior in any lesson or around the school site and we act upon it very quickly. Staff and students understand the clear systems that are in place at Fullbrook and use them to quickly resolve situations. Talk to your child to ensure that they understand the Fullbrook Way (our code of conduct). This is displayed in every classroom and in the front of the student’s record book.


I won’t feel involved in my child’s learning anymore. How will I know of there are any problems? How can I help my child’s learning now that the work is getting harder?

Your child may not want you to be involved in their immediate school life, however, Fullbrook DO so this is actively encouraged. There is lots of reporting and academic monitoring so use opportunities to attend parents evenings and meetings. Get involved with the Fullbrook Parent Voice, look at information on the website regularly. There are plenty of tips on helping your child to learn on the website and there will be ongoing meetings at Fullbrook in order to help you to stay involved.