Inter-House Countdown Is Here
Play Online on your PC – Screenshot Your Score – Earn Housepoints

Go to

  • Select “Letters” game.
  • Choose your nine vowels or consonants.
  • The game will start.

You have 60 seconds to type in the longest word you can make from the letters you’ve picked.  The game automatically moves the other letters to the end and you can change as many times as you want during the minute.

If you are happy that you’ve found the best word you can, hit “Enter” and the timer will stop.

You score 1 point for each letter in your valid word.

Click “Letters” again to play another round.  The game will keep a cumulative score, so if you play 3 times and score 6, 4 and 7, you will have 17 points.

If you refresh or close your page, the score resets, so make sure you don’t!

When you have finished playing, screenshot the game screen with your score on it by pressing the “PrntScr” key (usually top-right of the keyboard) and paste it into an email to


You may play as many times as you want to, but submit a maximum of one entry per person per day to

Email subject MUST contain your House and Tutor Group, and MUST include a screenshot of your score.  Please don’t email me saying “I got a thousand points, sir”.  Evidence is required.

Only “Letters” games count towards the score.

Competition runs from Monday June 22nd to Friday July 3rd

Cumulative House Scores will decide the placings, and there will be bonus Housepoints for the highest scoring individuals.