Even though we’re not in Fullbrook at the moment, the House Competition is still going strong!

The latest activity we want members of Dragon, Griffin, Pegasus and Phoenix to get involved in is the House Photography Competition.

The theme is “Springtime Up Close” – all the details you need to enter are on the school website and Show My Homework.

Any further information required please contact house@fullbrook.surrey.sch.uk

The overall race for the House Cup is incredibly close, so get involved, get snapping, because Every Ounce Counts.

How to enter:

1)Take a photo (or series of photos) on the theme of “Springtime Up Close”.  This could be a flower, a wild creature, or anything from the natural world that you can find in your garden or on your daily exercise.  The main thing we are looking for is close-ups.  What details do you discover when you  get close up to the nature that is right there living alongside you?

2)You can use whatever equipment you have – the camera on your phone, or a bespoke camera with a fancy lens.  We will be judging on the composition of the image and the artistry behind it, so take your time and put plenty of thought into it.

3)You may (and probably should) use some photo editing  software to prepare your image.  All phones and PCs have free apps on them, and there are many others available in your app stores.  So let’s see some cropping, framing and filtering.

4)You may use one photo, or create a composite image using several.  Be as creative as you want.

5)Save your finished image in a recognised image file format (.jpg or .png) and call it          <YOUR HOUSE> <YOUR CLASS> <YOUR NAME>

EG: Phoenix 10RVS Kevin Madeupname.jpg

6)Send your image to house@fullbrook.surrey.sch.uk with the subject title House Photo Entry.


Ts & Cs:

1 entry per person, 1 House Point per entry, top 3 images receive bonus House Points, closing date for entries Friday 24th April 2020.