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'It is quite an achievement to pull together so many youngsters, in order to give the audience such an incredibly polished and entertaining performance' Audience member
'Students are very proud of their school and feel very safe. They behave well in the corridors as they move from one lesson to the next' Ofsted
'You could see the hard work and dedication that has been put into it. Having a proper band playing live music made the performance very special' Audience member
'The direction provided for the school is clear and promoted strongly by the headteacher and Governors' Ofsted

Your son or daughter hasn't only been having sex – now they or their partner is pregnant. Bekki Burbidge of the FPA looks at your options

Advice for parents on the security risks of smart toys that talk to the internet – and perhaps other people you don’t want them to

connected toys

Some practical tips for parents to pass on to their children on how best to prepare for university

starting university teens

The growth of social media has brought with it some strange modern phenomena. One of the more recent ones is the viral online challenge...

viral internet trends

With graphic images being shown on the front pages of newspapers and on daily news bulletins, even very young children are exposed to upsetting information. 

Terrorism and trauma helping children cope

Expert advice from Stemettes on the huge choice of jobs your child could go into if they study STEM subjects at school

tech careers

There is a clear link between bullying and self-esteem issues, both for the bully and the bullied. It can be helpful to talk to your child about why some people may bully or ‘troll’ others online.

Hospital admissions for eating disorders among young people have almost doubled in three years. Here, Priory offers advice to parents on supporting your child's recovery

eating disorder help

What parents need to know: the facts about the people who abuse children from The Lucy Faithfull Foundation

Broken black crayon, stick man drawing

Tips for parents on protecting your child from abuse, by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation

Boys on a beach with wild waves

Top tips for children and young people who are being bullied

Kidscape bullying

Year 10 Consultation Evening

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Year 11 Mock GCSE Examinations Letter

Please click here for the Year 11 Letter regarding Mock GCSE Examinations, the Consu...

Year 11 Prom Reward and Strike System 2018-19

Please click here for the Year 11 Prom Reward and Strike System 2018-19

Recommended Revision Guides

Please click here for a list of recommended revision guides for Year 11

Fullbrook Prospectus 2018-2019

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Fullbrook Prospectus

Fullbrook Prospectus

Latest Ofsted Report

Our Latest Ofsted Report