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'It is quite an achievement to pull together so many youngsters, in order to give the audience such an incredibly polished and entertaining performance' Audience member
'Students are very proud of their school and feel very safe. They behave well in the corridors as they move from one lesson to the next' Ofsted
'You could see the hard work and dedication that has been put into it. Having a proper band playing live music made the performance very special' Audience member
'The direction provided for the school is clear and promoted strongly by the headteacher and Governors' Ofsted

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Fitness apps: a parent's guide

Hospital admissions for eating disorders among young people have almost doubled in three years. Here, Priory offers advice to parents on supporting your child's recovery

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Worried about the surge in knife crime in England and Wales? Think your child may be involved in a gang? Read our advice for parents from the Home Office

Concrete steps you can take to learn more about your LGBTQ+ child and their identity.