Exciting Opportunity for Summer 2018
Following the success of this year’s Borneo expedition, it is very exciting to be offering our next cohort of Year 10, 11 and 12 students the opportunity to travel to Cambodia with Camps International during the Summer of 2018. Here students will be working on a range of sustainable and meaningful community and conservation projects before undertaking an exhilarating trek through the Kulen National Park! 
Parents and interested students are invited to attend our Parents Presentation Evening. This will be taking place on Tuesday 8th November at 18:30 in the Main Hall.

Parents Information Evening on Reporting - For presentation from the evening please click here
Advice on how to help your child learn to question what they see or hear online.
A number of schools have asked us about a Parent Info poster to put up around the school or send home to parents, telling them about the service. Well, now we have one - and here it is! 
Top tips on how to help your child make their online presence work for them.
Teenagers love WhatsApp - as do a lot of parents. Here's what you need to know about it...
There’s a lot of advice out there but here's what every parent needs to know about online safety.
The average age of someone involved in cybercrime is just 17 years old. It's dropped from 24 since last year. Here are some tips on making sure you're aware of what your cyber-savvy child is up to, and encouraging them to use their skills positively. 
What adults need to know about the app their children love using.
How to keep your family safe when viewing video on demand and films online and on mobile devices.
Video games ratings explained in full.
Sadly, once your child explores the online world, they may find a troll waiting for them. Here's how to help them cope.
Parents sometimes end up paying unexpectedly large phone bills and don’t know why. PhonepayPlus, the premium rate services regulator, explains what to look out for when giving your child a mobile device…

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