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If you have been unsuccessful in securing a place at Fullbrook for September 2019 and would like to be placed on our waiting list, or if you have any questions regarding the admissions or appeals process, please contact our admissions office.

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'It is quite an achievement to pull together so many youngsters, in order to give the audience such an incredibly polished and entertaining performance' Audience member
'Students are very proud of their school and feel very safe. They behave well in corridors as they move from one lesson to the next' Ofsted
'You could see the hard work and dedication that has been put into it. Having a proper band playing live music made the performance very special' Audience member
'The direction for the school is clear and promoted strongly by the headteacher and Governors' Ofsted
All sports clubs will be cancelled this coming Monday, 22nd July due to staff meetings.

All sports clubs will be cancelled this Wednesday 24th July due to early finish.


Since January a group of Year 8 students have been attending after school art sessions and working on a special project based on the sculpture ‘Bird’ by Elisabeth Frink. During that time they have explored themes and ideas around the piece through group discussions, mind maps and then trying out techniques. Each student made a photomontage piece, learnt how to mono-print and the paint pouring technique. Together, they have created a collaborative sculpture entitle ‘There is No Planet B’, made up of individual elements made by students. The sculpture will go on display as part of The Lightbox’s Centrepiece exhibition from 17th July to 1st September.

Congratulations to Dylan, Georgia, Noah, Annabelle, Boston, Guy & Issy for producing such a creative and topical piece, and for taking part in the exhibition.

If you would like to see the students’ piece in the exhibition then click https://www.thelightbox.org.uk/centrepiece-2019 (https://www.thelightbox.org.uk/centrepiece-2019) for further details.

Little Shop of Horrors is available for viewing, please contact Miss Lawrence for details 

Collection of Summer 2018 GCE & GCSE Certificates

If you are collecting certificates in person, please email Mrs Garn in the Exams Office (exams@fullbrook.surrey.sch.uk) so that they can be handed to Reception for you to collect.
If this is not possible, you may nominate a family member or friend to collect certificates on your behalf. You must still email Mrs Garn to let her know. The nominated person must bring in proof of identity.

Do you own or run your own business? Or could you offer a key work experience placement in your workplace for a Yr 12 student?  
Here at F6 we are developing a network of companies that are able to offer Yr 12 students real experiences in their chosen areas of study. As a key requirement of all University applications it is imperative that students can demonstrate real life experiences of their chosen subjects. If you are able to offer a placement, please email Miss C Taylor at taylorc@fullbrook.surrey.sch.uk at your earliest convenience.

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Year 10 into 11 Transition Evening PowerPoint

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Frequently Asked Questions For Uniform

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Year 8 Choices Letter 2019

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Contingency Plan for Exceptional Weather Condition

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Fullbrook Prospectus

Fullbrook Prospectus